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 Realistic Wig Return Policy

No Returns. All units are customized.  Exchange only within 14 days. Please read the maintenance section carefully for proper hair care!! Blonde hair is very sensitive and should be treated delicately.

 Thank You for choosing Realistic Wigs!

Realistic Wig Shipping Policy
All units are custom made and will ship within 14 days. If unit is ready to ship, it will ship within 3-5 days
Refund Policy
No refunds will be granted. All sales are final.
Realistic Wig Fraud Policy
No refunds will be granted. All sales that are not paid will be sent to collections. Once your order is placed and started or completed than the balance must be paid in full prior to receiving your order. If your balance is not paid, then there will be a inconvenience fee for incomplete payments. Collection fees range from $400-$1500 depending on balance owed. Hair that is left behind can not be sold at full price. After non payment, It will go to display. After 30 days, abandon items or used hair can be sold or raffled.  Customized Wigs can be sold prior to the 30 day mark. Once sold it will be shipped out on the 31st day, which will give you an opportunity to pay your original full balance. 
If we give you an offer and you don't respond within 24 hours, than the offer is void and full payment must be made to pick up your original order within 30 days of original payment due date.
Realistic Wig Appointment Policy
A 50% deposit must be made to secure your appointment. No deposit means No appointment! Appointments are to be made 14 days in advanced. Once you receive an invoice from Realistic Wigs , you agree to our terms and policies. 
Realistic Wig Refurbished Wigs Policy
Refurbished wigs are sold at a discounted rate. If you are the original owner of the refurbished wig than you can not purchase the wig at the refurbished discounted rate. 
Do we ship Internationally? 
Realistic Wig ships worldwide.