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Greetings, My name is Amelia Que Adair and I am the CEO of Realistic Wig. I started making wigs in 2011 when I was attending college. I had no one to do my natural hair and started making wigs so no one can tell I was wearing one. People became so amazed at my hair and I eventually let people know I was wearing wigs. I launched my business in 2016. Realistic Wig's offers high quality machine made wigs and beauty products. Our wig's appear very natural!  We promote natural hair growth and protective styling.. Our virgin bundles are the best grade quality guaranteed! We enjoy the opportunity to allow others to explore their inner selves. Wigs are a lifestyle. Once you have a vision, Realistic Wig's brings that vision to life. We truly appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing Realistic Wig's!